Hello, my name is Don Goertz - Personal Development, Growth Coach, and strategist

Specializing in helping you to discover your strengths and how to develop a personal plan to help you live the fulfilled life you have always dreamt about.

My specialty is using the Maxwell Method DISC assessment for your better understanding of your strengths and communication style. 

My core philosophy is this ......

We are all uniquely gifted with the potential for genius...

This is the gift we are given. Then for the rest of our life, we have the quest of discovery.

Do you know who were you created to be? Are you pursuing your strengths? Do you know how to put them to their greatest use?

When we are wanting to change something in our life or achieve more, we rely on our strengths to help us get there. Relying on those strengths alone won't ensure we achieve what it is we desire. 

We must grow as the person we were designed to be and this growth must be intentional. 

Life before...

Before becoming a Certified John Maxwell Team Coach and DISC Consultant, I lived in the Real Estate world. As a REALTOR, Manager, Owner I have seen a lot. The experience gained has shown me I can be a better husband, father, friend, REALTOR, Consultant when I am willing to be intentional about growing into becoming who I was designed to be or achieving the change I want. 

Today, I am still active as a REALTOR helping my clients grow into their next move but my main focus is shifting to helping others learn how they can become the person they want to be. 

If that's you, let's get together. 

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Be Intentional

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